Monday, May 23, 2011

Arugula Sprouts - Makes A Spicy Topping For Almost Anything! A Recipe For Raw D'Oeuvres

Serve this tasty Raw D'oeuvre at your next party!

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My Latest Find
I was preparing to do a photo shoot for my new cookbook last week and was looking for something beautiful to top a raw pizza. While in Whole Foods, I found these adorable arugula sprouts! Not only are they beautiful, their intense spicy flavor makes them a perfect topping for so many dishes, cooked or raw! Top a salad, a raw or cooked veggie pizza or hor d'oeuvres. Put them in a sandwich or over pasta, gnocchi or a baked potato. They will taste as though you just topped the dish with freshly ground black pepper!

Arugula sprouts
Spicy, fresh, crisp and packed with nutrients!

Intense in Flavor and Nutrition
When a seed starts to sprout, it contains an intense amount of energy. Rich in enzymes, vitamin C and other nutrients, it has the vitality to begin its new life! Arugula is very good source of vitamins A, C and K as well as folate, calcium, magnesium, potassium and manganese. It even contains omega 3 fatty acid! If you can't find them in the stores, try growing them.

Raw D'oeuvres
To make raw vegan hor d'oeuves, make your favorite raw cracker. Here I used the recipe for my Sprouted lentil crust only I cut it in half because it makes a lot. Instead of making larger pizza crusts, I make smaller round crackers. You can also use the recipe for Raw Veggie-Seed Crackers. If you don't want to bother dehydrating crackers, use slices of cucumber or zucchini.
Make cashew ricotta, also from the raw pizza recipe (cut this one in half also). 
Now that you have the cracker and the "cheese", pick a topping like:
* thinly sliced kalamata olives
* chopped bell pepper
* sliced cherry tomato
* a few capers
* shredded carrot
* sliced green onion
* pesto
* fresh kernels of corn
* dried raisins or cranberries

And of course, top with some beautiful arugula sprouts!

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Debra said...

The Arugula Sprouts look beautiful as a topping. Great idea for pizza.