Friday, December 11, 2009

Complete Raw Vegan Hanukkah, Christmas or New Years Menu

Guacamole and raw jalapeno corn chips - a great appetizer.
Raw vegan substitute for chopped chicken liver.

Easy-to-make raw split pea soup.

Pear salad with blueberries and raw goat feta on greens.

Zucchini spaghetti and walnut meatballs - a blog favorite.

Chia pudding with pomegranate seeds - healthy and festive.

Delicate raw chocolate truffles dipped in coconut.

Some Ideas for a Raw Dinner Party
Although you may still be full from Thanksgiving, tonight is the beginning of Hanukkah and Christmas and New Years eve are close behind. Here is a complete raw menu pulling together some of the many raw recipes I've posted this year. OK, they're not the traditional sliced prime rib and green bean casserole recipes, but being a healthy raw vegan isn't traditional either. I hope you enjoy.

Raw Vegan Menu for Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years Eve
Please click on recipe titles to link to the actual recipes and then hit the back arrow to return to this posting.
Guacamole is a popular appetizer and this Guacamole and raw jalapeno corn chip recipe is no exception. You'll have to start the corn chips a day in advance but you can whip up the guacamole right before you need it. If you are making it in advance, leave the pit in the middle of the dip and cover it tightly with plastic wrap. Another good appetizer is a raw Walnut mushroom pate that makes a great substitute for chopped chicken liver.
Raw soups are fast and easy to make. This Raw vegan split pea soup will make a great soup course to a large meal since there is little fuss. You can use frozen peas and corn so no worries about finding ingredients in the middle of winter.
Main Course
For the main course, we have Raw zucchini spaghetti and walnut meatballs. This recipe is perhaps the most popular raw food recipe on this website so I thought it only fitting that it be served on these important holidays. With it is a Pear and blueberry salad with raw goat feta, hemp seeds and apple cider vinaigrette. If you don't do raw cheese, just omit it.
Since I write so much about chia seeds and have quite a few chia seed recipes it should come as no surprise to find Chia pudding with pomegranate seeds as part of this important menu. To add a little chocolate surprise to the meal, here's the recipe for Tropical chocolate truffles. It's one of our favorite recipes and is enjoyed by all - raw foodist or not.

As many raw foodists will be going home for the holidays and are probably worrying what they will eat, bring along these recipes and prepare a few of them for your family and friends. I've introduced raw food to many people and the folks you least suspect would be interested in it turn out to be the most interested. Enjoy!


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