Monday, December 14, 2009

Complete Vegan Christmas or New Years Menu

Walnut and mushroom pâté - vegan chopped liver substitute.

Vegan French onion soup with Cannellini beans and garlic toast.

Vegan Manicotti with sprouted tofu and tomato basil sauce.

Raw kale salad with 3 types of kale and shredded carrots.

Vanilla chia seed pudding with hemp milk and blueberries.

Soy ice cream tart on a raw walnut crust with fresh berries.

Make your Holiday Vegan Friendly and Healthy
Whether you are vegan and preparing an entire holiday meal for your family or if you're not vegan and would like to have some healthy meatless recipe ideas for the holidays, you've come to the right place. In 2009, I've posted over 70 original, healthy vegan recipes. Here are a few of them that I've put together for a holiday menu. Enjoy!

Vegan Christmas or New Years Eve Menu
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This Walnut and mushroom pate recipe is a great substitute for chopped chicken liver and pâté du foie gras. Serve it with a sliced baguette or with crackers.
For our soup I selected an old classic with a vegan twist. This French onion soup recipe is made with a quick, home-made mushroom broth and is topped with garlic toast. It also has protein-rich Cannellini beans.
Main Course
Being Italian, most of our big holiday meals centered around a large tray of lasagna or beautiful individual manicotti or stuffed shells. So it was natural for me to pick my Vegan manicotti with sprouted tofu and tomato basil sauce recipe for the main course. I've paired this with a Raw kale salad with different types of kale, shredded carrots and a lemon vinaigrette.
We've left room for 2 light and healthy desserts. The first is a Vanilla chia pudding with hemp milk and blueberries. Instead of blueberries, you can make it with pomegranate seeds or diced Fuyu persimmons. The second dessert is an Ice Cream Tart with Raspberries on a raw walnut crust, filled with vanilla soy ice cream.

Have a healthy and happy holiday!

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