Wednesday, May 08, 2019

A Great Alternative To Single Use Plastic Bags
Extend The Life Of Your Produce

These mesh bags are a great substitute for plastic bags!

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With Earth Day behind us, we've been reminded by countless media sources of the many ways we are hurting our planet. And despite knowing how the millions of tons of plastic are in our rivers, oceans, well - just everywhere, it's still often a necessary evil when we are in the grocery store with a fist full of green beans, to grab one of those little plastic bags that conveniently hang on a roll in the produce section.

I am a sucker for Instagram ads. Recently I saw a little video about these mesh bags that you could use to hold your produce instead of using single-use plastic bags. I immediately purchased a set and had to spread the word about this product. 

Although I'm sure if you look around, there are a number of similar products, but this one is a good one. It comes in a set of 12 bags in three different sizes.

BB Brotrade MPB12 Reusable mesh bags.

The set contains 3 large (17" x 12"), 6 medium (14" x 12") and 3 small (8" x 12") reusable produce bags. It's a nice selection of sizes able to fit large heads of lettuce down to a few bell peppers. 

The large size easily fits a big head of lettuce.

Besides being good to the planet, these bags keep the produce fresher, especially when storing vegetables that release moisture and get soggy and moldy in a plastic bag, like zucchini. The mesh allows the veggies to breathe and they seem to stay fresh longer. I especially love the way they store mushrooms!

Tips on Using 
* Wash the bags before using them. They have somewhat of a chemical odor that completely washes away after one good washing.

* Always keep them in your reusable grocery bags in the trunk of your car so you never forget bringing them to the store.

* They don't need to be washed after every use but after a few uses, it's a good idea to throw them back in the washer.

* Although they come in smaller quantities, I find that I easily use all 12 since I use them to store the vegetables in the refrigerator until they are used up. 

* The have weight to them so in order not to get charged for it, tell the checkout clerk to delete the TARE weight which is listed on each bag. I've never had a checkout clerk mind doing this or not understand what I meant.

The TARE weight is listed on each bag.

 The name of the bags is BB Brotrade MPB12 Reusable Mesh Produce Bags Premium (Set of 12 PCS).

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