Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Juicing—Cleanse And Build Your Immune System And Fight Swine Flu!

Juicing allows you to consume fruits and vegetables in their purest form.

The juicer separates the pulp from the juice of each fruit and vegetable.

Carrot, celery, apple, beet, ginger cocktail.

As fear mounts over the quick spread of swine flu, it’s even more important that we take the month of May to do our RAW cleanse and build up our immune system. I am a strong believer, as is the founder of the natural health college where I studied holistic nutrition, (Clayton College of Natural Heath, www.ccnh.edu), that the body can maintain wellness or heal itself if presented with the correct environment – proper nutrition, clean water, fresh air, in short, a healthful “terrain”. Louis Pasteur once said, “I have been wrong. The germ is nothing. The “terrain” is everything.” The goal of this blog is to help you create that healthful environment which will allow you prevent or recover from an illness and help you to achieve remarkable health.

Any healthful food regimen should include juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. You can do this at home with a juicer or go to the many juice bars across the country. Grocery stores like Whole Foods and many smaller natural food stores make fresh juice. Just make sure you know what’s in it. Some chain juice bars serve drinks loaded with dairy and sugar.

Here are some key reasons to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices:

• They contain important vital enzymes (if not pasteurized).
• Juices help make our body alkaline which helps prevent the loss of essential minerals.
• Juicing allows you to consume more fruits and vegetables making it possible to get sufficient quantities of vitamins and minerals from food.
• Vitamins and minerals from fresh juices assimilate quickly.
• Juice contains thousands of phytochemicals which can prevent illness and promote health.
• Fresh juice with its phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals boost the immune system and accelerate the body’s cleansing process.
• Green juices have chlorophyll which helps detoxify our bodies. Chlorophyll has a similar molecular structure as hemoglobin which carries oxygen throughout our bodies.
• It’s a great way to use up bumper crops from your garden (here’s hoping!).
Here’s one of my favorite juice combinations:


Carrot, Celery, Apple, Beet, Ginger Cocktail [makes 4, 8 oz. servings]
Use organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible.
6 large carrots—rich in vitamin A and K
4 stalks of celery
contains vital organic sodium and vitamin K
2 apples, cored
contains vitamin C
2 large beets
rich in folate, manganese; a good blood tonic
1 inch piece of ginger root
good for upset stomach, cold and flu

Cut the tops off the carrots and beets. Cut beets and apples into pieces that fit through the juicer. Juice and enjoy!

Per serving: 121 calories, zero g fat, zero g cholesterol, 2 g protein and 29 g carbohydrates. Fiber is removed in the juicing process.

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