Monday, October 04, 2010

Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby And Toddler Food - A Convenient Way For Mom's To Get Healthy, Organic Fruits And Veggies Into Their Babies Diets

I was having brunch yesterday with my favorite one year old twins when their mom whipped out these adorable little ready-made drink pouches filled with a variety of organic fruits and vegetables. The babies loved them! When I looked at the ingredients, I was impressed to find pure organic fruits and vegetables with no water, preservatives or added salt. The most brilliant thing is the packaging. They come in these little pouches with a pop up top. No need to try and feed the baby in a restaurant with a spoon and little glass jars. Where were these products when I had babies!!

Ella's Kitchen
Ella's Kitchen was formed by a hands-on father of two children who was horrified by the child obesity rate. He wanted to create an opportunity for children to eat and enjoy healthy food. The combination of foods, together with the cool packaging, are designed to create colors and textures that the kids will be drawn to. By the way the twins were scarfing down these little pouches, I think he certainly achieved his goal!

Healthful flavors
They have different products for the various stages of your babies life. In their stage 1 baby food, the cute pouches come in flavors like:
* apples and bananas
* broccoli, pears and peas
* butternut squash, carrots, apples and prunes
* carrots, apples and parsnips
* peaches and bananas
* sweet potato, pumpkin, apples and blueberries
* sweet corn, pumpkin and peas
to name a few.

Other Products
Their other products include:
* Baby brekkie - breakfast foods for babies 6 months and older
* Stage 2 foods aimed for weaning babies of 7 months or more
* Stage 3 foods for toddlers
* Healthy baby cookies and snacks
* Italian and Indian cooking sauces that you can put over pasta or rice
* LIttle boxes of organic rice and pasta
Although some of their products contain meat and dairy, there is a good selection of vegetarian products across their product line for those of you who are raising veggie babies.

Where to Buy
The products can be purchased throughout the U.S. To check out a store near you, look at their Store Locator. You can also find their products on Amazon.


amanda said...

I liked the posting about Organic Baby Food Recipe Ideas & believe that it will be supportive for baby’s mothers. Mixture of fruits salad may be effective. Continue the superior effort. Good luck.
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Danielle Rettaliata said...

I buy these pouches all the time :-) A few different brands make organic fruits and veggies in these great packages. Definately perfect for on the go!