Thursday, January 06, 2011

If Animal Fat Can Clog An Entire Ship Channel, Our Arteries Don't Have A Chance!

Beef Tallow Floating in Houston Ship Channel (photo by US Coast Guard)

The Picture Says it all
I was reading this story in the newspaper this morning about a 250,000 gallon leak of beef tallow. Some 15,000 gallons ended up in the Houston Ship Channel causing it to clog and resulted in the closure of three-quarters of a mile of the channel.
As I looked at this picture, all I could visualize was a similar phenomenon happening in people's arteries when they consume saturated animal fat. The spokesperson from the Coast Guard indicated that the beef fat hardened immediately upon contacting the water producing these big chunks of fat seen in the picture.
Leading Cause of Deaths in America
The leading cause of death is heart disease with 631,636 deaths and the third is stroke with 137,119 deaths. Both of these diseases would be greatly reduced if more people ate a plant-centric diet rich in whole grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables, legumes and much less (if any) saturated fat from animals. 

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