Monday, May 30, 2011

A Play, A Healthy Picnic And A 7 Mile Hike Down A Mountain - What A Glorious Day!

Watching "Hairspray" on top of Mt. Tamalpais

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An Invigorating Outing
Going out with friends can often wreak havoc with your diet, exercise regimen and alcohol consumption! Especially on 3 day holiday weekends like this. But the outing yesterday with our friends Ray and Rory left me totally invigorated - albeit a bit sore.
A while back, they invited us to go see the play, " Hairspray". Doug and I saw it many years ago on Broadway but this play experience sounded quite unique. Usually when going to a play, you meet friends for a few drinks, eat a rich "pre fix theater dinner", see a play in an intimate playhouse, eat a cookie at intermission and drive home after the play. This experience was quite a bit different.
On the top of mount Tamalpais is an outdoor theater where they have been producing plays for almost a century! The theater, filled with massive stones that create some 4,000 seats, overlooks San Francisco Bay- a view so amazing it's almost distracting!
A school bus takes you and your "stuff" up to the top of the mountain. We brought cushions to sit on, a healthy picnic lunch, water, etc. We spent almost 5 hours picnic'ing, enjoying the view, our friends, the play and the perfect weather. But that wasn't the end of it!
We put our stuff back on the bus and then hiked all the way down mount Tamalpais! I have to admit, I was quite a bit nervous about signing up for a 7 mile hike but I'm glad I did.
Ray lent me his walking polls which I had never used before and were a godsend. I'm definitely getting a pair of these! The views down the trail were indescribable. The 671 "Dipsea" steps at the end of the hike that bring you into Mill Valley added an extra challenge (my calves are paying for it today), but I did it!

The views on the way down are breathtaking!

 671 steps down into Mill Valley at the end of the hike.

A Quick and Easy Picnic Lunch
Figuring out what to bring on a picnic can sometimes be difficult. I wanted something quick and easy! I found some nice, soft, whole grain lavash that would travel well. I picked up some spicy, red pepper hummus that would make a good filling. I tossed a diced tomato and avocado together and put it in a tupperware container with some "fresh fruit protector" and, of course, bought a container of my favorite arugula sprouts! 

Whole grain lavash travel well and are very soft and pliable.
Pick up some ready-made hummus
Toss a few chopped tomatoes and avocados together.
Buy a package of your favorite sprouts.
Cut the lavash in half.
Spread all ingredients onto the lavash.
Roll it up and enjoy!

So check out the area where you live and try to find a fun, unique and healthful outing for you, your friends and your family! Challenge yourself and have a great time!


Debra said...

What a fun day! I am so jealous:) 7 miles-WOW....nice exercise too. I love the healthy picnic lunch you put together.

Dr. Joanne L. Mumola Williams said...

It was a blast but my legs are still sore! I don't think human calves were made to walk that far down hill. But it was an amazing experience and well worth it!