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Having A Hard Time Sticking To Your Health & Fitness Goals? It May Be Time To Clean Your Emotional Pantry. Dr. Rouse Tells Us How!

Dr. James Rouse - Naturopathic doctor, Ironman, yoga instructor and talk show host.

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Is Something Holding you Back?
As we cruise into the second month of the year, trying to hang onto the promises we made to ourselves in January, we may be wondering why it's all so difficult.
- Difficult to eat the right foods and stick to our diet plans.
- Difficult to exercise as much as we want and need to.
- Difficult to be everything we know we can be.
Is something holding us back? 

The other day I read an article by Dr. James Rouse that may explain it. In his article, "re-set-sational", he talks about the need to "clean up our emotional pantry" to facilitate achieving our good intentions to promote optimum health. This created quite a visual for me.

In our last home in San Jose, we had a large walk-in pantry. Through the years many things found their way in there. When we moved there were cans of vegetables that should have been tossed out years ago along with a collection of mismatched napkins, an assortment of old paper plates, expired vitamins, missing candle sticks and mementos from vacations past. If we could look at our "emotional pantries", what would we find? Are there issues we are holding onto that should have been tossed out years ago? Are they holding us back from moving forward and being the best we can be?

Dr. Rouse's article really resonated with me and I think many of you will relate to it also. I enjoyed this piece so much that I asked him if I could reprint it for you. So here, with his blessings, is his very inspirational article:

by Dr. James Rouse

Who's in favor of a do-over, a mulligan, a second, fourth, or twelfth chance? This is our time. We are collectively and consciously poised to begin again our quest for greatness. Take a stand for every dream, desire, intention, and creative big idea and get after it! It's time to reset your life and live the divine expression that you are!

You may be setting an intention to release weight in support of your lightness and vitality. Along with eating healthier and being more consistent with exercise, it is important to clean up your emotional pantry. The Public Health Institute in California confirmed that holding onto hostility and resentment can tear down the immune system and increase the risk for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  In resistance training, with each push-up, bicep curl, or press, envision the past hurt being moved away; "see" your strength and peace increase and the past fade smaller with each exhalation.

Forgiving yourself allows for inspired energy to ignite and move forward. Duke University researchers concluded that forgiveness acts as an elixir to the immune system and a powerful stress-reducing tonic. It may also help with lowering chronic pain levels. Forgiveness means “to give ahead of time.” Be the first to accept your divine humanness. Claim a resolution to be lighter through letting go, affirming in prayer, and demonstrating your creative healing in action.

Begin this moment to think impeccably. Create an exceptional livelihood for yourself and show it off to the world around you. We all love to emulate passion. Eat with intention, with the mission to nourish your mind and body so you can transcend the cultural trance of physiological mediocrity. To become more alive, you must dance, jump, skip, and push your body/mind to new edges with sweat and smiles - daily. This is your time. You are the one. Get up, stand up, and put on your radiant wellness!

Dr. James Rouse is a naturopathic physician with extensive credentials in the wellness field, including post doctorate work in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, transpersonal psychology, and certification as a yoga teacher. 
This article was originally printed in the January, 2012 issue of Science of Mind Magazine , A Guide for Spiritual Living.

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