Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Spring - Time To Enjoy More Raw Food!

Increase raw food to at least 50% as the weather get warmer.

It's Spring!
Despite the recent rain here in northern California, the weather has been getting warmer and when it's sunny, the temperatures can be in the upper 60's or higher. When this happens, I start opting for raw smoothies over oatmeal in the morning and for salads over hot soups for lunch or dinner.

This morning I made a smoothie from blueberries, pears and spinach!

Vegans, Vegetarians and Carnivores
Whether you're vegan, aspiring to be a vegetarian or a card carrying carnivore, eating more raw fruits and vegetables will benefit your health. You'll find that when you increase the amount of fruits, vegetables and natural unprocessed foods you eat, you will start to eat less dairy, meat and non-nutritious processed foods without feeling hungry or deprived. Your diet will become more alkaline which helps your body more easily maintain its optimal and life-critical pH balance. You'll obtain more of the vitamins and phytochemicals that are diminished or destroyed during cooking and benefit from the extra fiber found in fruits and vegetables.

 Here are some easy ways to get your raw food consumption up to 50%.
For Breakfast:
* Start the day with a smoothie of raw fruits, raw nut milk and some greens like the blueberry, pear and spinach smoothie pictured above. The combinations of fruit and veggies are endless!
* Or have a fruit salad with your favorite fruits and berries topped with raw nuts, seeds, coconut or Ezekiel cereal.

Enjoy a fruit salad for breakfast like this
 Mixed Berry and Mango Breakfast Salad.

For Lunch or Dinner
* Enjoy a raw soup like Avospacho or Curried Lentil Soup.
* Make a huge, yummy salad as part or all of your meal like Asian Coleslaw or Waldorf Salad.
* Make raw dips and Raw Crackers like Guacamole and Raw corn chips or Veggie Seeded Crackers.
* Enjoy raw entrees like Raw Tacos or Spaghetti and Meatballs.
* Make Raw Sushi or Veggie Wraps.

Raw taco meat is made from English Walnuts and chili powder 
Making raw sushi is easy and fun!

For Snacks or Desserts
* Make delicious, high omega-3, Chia Pudding. We can eat this every night it's so good. Mix it with berries or other fruit or just eat it on its own. Everyone I've turned on to chia pudding loves it!
* Enjoy a raw crisp like Peach and Blueberry crisp.

You'll love this creamy chia pudding for dessert!

So navigate the site. I've got 100 posts on raw food to look through. Also, you might enjoy reading, Raw Food Diet - How Raw Do You Need To Be? 

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