Saturday, July 27, 2013

FDA Warns Of Health Risks With Healthy Life Chemistry By Purity First B-50 - Dangerous Ingredients Not Listed On Label!

Vitamin Contains Steroids
When you purchase vitamins, you may not always get what you think. Occasionally vitamins contain a different potency than advertised. Sometimes they contain harmful contaminants like lead or other toxic chemicals introduced in the manufacturing process. Yesterday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned consumers about a vitamin that contains steroids.

Healthy Life Chemistry
The FDA advised consumers not to purchase or use Healthy LIfe Chemistry By Purity First B-50. Although it is marketed as a vitamin B supplement, it was found to contain two anabolic steroids that could potentially be harmful. The first is methasterone, a controlled substance, and the other is dimethazine. These steroids were not listed as ingredients on the label. 

What prompted the investigation were 29 reports of adverse side effects from consumers who had used the product. The symptoms reported include:
* Fatigue
* Muscle cramping
* Muscle pain
* Abnormal laboratory findings for liver and thyroid function
* Abnormal cholesterol levels
* Unusual hair growth and missed menstruation in women
* Impotence and low testosterone in men

Other symptoms commonly associated with anabolic steroid use are:
* Liver injury
* Kidney failure
* Stroke
* Blood clots
* Deep vein thrombosis, often in the leg or thigh
* Masculinization of women
* Breast enlargement, testicle shrinkage, and infertility in men

Notify the FDA
If you have experienced any of these symptoms from taking this dietary supplement, the FDA advises that you see a health care professional and report your experience to the FDA. To do that, complete and submit the report online.  Or call 1-800-332-1088.

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