Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!
What You Can Do To Sustain The Earth

Eating less meat helps sustain our planet.

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Earth Day
Every year on April 22nd people all over the world take action to help protect the earth. There are many things, large and small, that you can do to be kind to our planet. Here are just a few:

Eat less meat: According to the Sierra Club, "If Americans reduced meat consumption by just 20%, it would be as though we all switched from a sedan to a hybrid." A 2013 United Nations report indicated that animal agriculture is responsible for 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. 

Raising animals takes a lot more land and water than raising vegetables. Eating a few less meat meals a week can make a huge difference given Americans average 82 pounds of chicken, 57 pounds of beef, and 46 pounds of pork each year! 

So celebrate Earth Day with a delicious vegan recipe like a Mexican Lasagna or Garbanzo Bean and Raw Kale Salad. I've got a big pot of vegan Split Pea Soup with Carrots on the stove right now.

Split pea soup with carrots.

For 160 delicious vegan recipes, download my eBook, Health Begins in the Kitchen. All proceeds from books sold on Earth Day will go to the Luther Burbank Home & Gardens Association. Luther Burbank was a famous horticulturist who introduced more than 800 new varieties of plants, including over 200 varieties of fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains during his career. 

All proceeds from Earth Day book sales will be
donated to Luther Burbank Home & Gardens

Plant a garden: Having your own vegetable garden will encourage you to make more plant-rich meals for your family and will save you from driving to the store for groceries. A double savings! Here's how to Build a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Box

Not convinced? Here's 10 Good Reasons to Plant a Garden.

Conserve energy: There are so many ways to save energy. Some are as simple as switching off the lights, taking your bike to work or carpooling, adjusting your thermostat, turning off your computer or unplugging chargers when not in use. 
Our house and farm are almost completely powered by solar energy. Some states have programs that assist this effort so check it out. It's a wonderful feeling to see the electric meter spinning backwards!

Solar panels on our house and barn.

Learn more about Earth Day and how you can participate by going to Earthday.org!

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