Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How Dry Skin Brushing Can Reduce Cellulite, Tighten Your Skin, And Help You Detox!

Dry skin brushing has many benefits!

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Add This to your Daily Routine
You brush your teeth and your hair every day but do you brush your skin? That sounded a bit crazy to me too at first but it turns out that doing this has amazing benefits!

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? And it's pretty complex too, made up of glands, nerves, and other important cells. So it's worth a few minutes a day brushing away dead cells and stimulating your skin so that it can do a better job. 

Besides being invigorating, dry brushing your skin has many important benefits. Here are a few:

* Stimulates your lymphatic system which allows you to get rid of cellular waste products. Promoting lymphatic drainage is, perhaps, the most important benefit of all. When waste and toxins build up, inflammation and disease occur so dry skin brushing is an effective way to help your body detox

* Improves kidney function.  When the lymphatic system is contributing more to detoxification, it takes some of the burden from the kidneys. 

* Reduces cellulite by softening and redistributing the subcutaneous fat deposits under the skin where toxins get trapped and lead to the formation of cellulite. 

* Promotes tighter and smoother skin by increasing blood flow and cell renewal.

* Unclogs your pores by clearing away dead skin and accumulated toxins, allowing your skin to breathe. 

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How to Get Started!

Buy a good brush. Find a brush with bristles made from natural fibers. Make sure that it has a long handle so that you can reach your back. 

Bernard Jensen Products makes a good brush. 
I have an Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush which has served me well. 

This brush is made from tampico fiber,
the unbleached stem of the agave plant.

How to Brush
* Brush every day. You can do it twice a day but, hey, who we kidding? We're lucky if we can squeeze this in once!

* Always brush your skin when it is absolutely dry. Make sure the brush is absolutely dry.

 * It's best to do this before you shower so that you can bathe away all the dead skin and impurities resulting from brushing.

* Always brush towards your heart with long, sweeping strokes. I generally start with my legs, then my arms - always towards my chest. Then up from my lower back (stop at the heart) and down from my neck (again, stopping at the heart.)

* Don't brush too hard. These brushes are pretty stiff so it takes some getting used to. You want to stimulate your skin, not leave bruises. 

Brushing your skin is one more thing you can do to improve your health. This along with a plant-rich diet, plenty of exercise, and happy thoughts will go a long way to a long and healthy life!

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