Monday, January 11, 2016

An Easy Way To Cut A Butternut Squash
Without A Machete

Cutting a butternut squash can be really difficult.
Here's a quick tip.

Love to Eat Them but Hate to Cut Them?
I love butternut squash. But they can be really hard to cut. The outer skin can be so tough you feel like you need a machete to cut through it. I use to wait until Doug was around to do it so I didn't risk cutting my hand off, but now I use this little trick that makes it super easy. Check it out.

The key is to peel them first! Take a vegetable peeler and peel the entire squash.

Once it's completely peeled, lay the squash on its side on a cutting board and just slice off the top and the bottom. A good knife will go through it like butter. 

Now turn the squash up on its end and carefully cut straight down to the bottom.

Clean out the seeds and then slice or dice depending on the recipe you are making.

Wasn't that simple?

I'll be posting a delicious butternut squash recipe in later this week so stay tuned!

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