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Grindstone Bakery's Great Tasting Gluten Free Bread - Also Loaves Of Healthy Rye And Spelt

Grindstone's bread are made from the purest ingredients.

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Looking for Gluten-Free Bread?
My husband eats gluten free bread because he's a bit sensitive to wheat. But I cringe when he brings home these brands that are made from processed rice flour, rice starch, and gums to hold them together. Then we found Grindstone Bakery. The above picture shows an entire shelf of their breads at our local Whole Foods although the first loaves we bought were directly from their quaint factory. But you can buy all of their breads online too.

Ancient Bread-Making Techniques
The whole grains are all stone milled in the factory. This gentle and cool process preserves the protein, healthy fats, and nutrients in the germ as well as the dietary fiber. To truly appreciate how much love goes into this bread, you need to read Mario Repetto's story:

Mario's Story - from their Website
"Grindstone Bakery was founded in 1999 in a small "garage" in Santa Rosa, California, where we experimented with alternatives to modern wheat and created fermentation cultures for an authentic sourdough process. My father had been a partner at a flour mill. I grew up in Argentina among grain fields and all kinds of flours and breads. I wanted to be a chemist, so my father thought that the natural path for me was to be the mill’s chemist. But during my studies I was captivated by the world of science and decided that just testing flours was not enough of a life. So, I went on pursuing an elusive career in science. Today, I am extremely happy that I have found myself baking once again. Baking is a science that requires the precision and rigor, the experimental and inquisitive skills that are rooted in my scientific background. Baking is also an act of love that now provides meaning to my life." 

~Mario Repetto, the Baker

Mario Reperto
This guy really knows his bread!

Pure Ingredients
These breads have the purest ingredients you'll ever find. It reminds me of the bread my husband's grandmother used to make. 

Check out this beautiful Sprouted Seeds Quinoa/Millet Loaf. It contains organic whole quinoa & whole millet (stone-ground at the bakery - which we personally witnessed when we visited their factory), purified water, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, psyllium husks, fermentation starter (from quinoa and purified water), Nana Mae's apple juice, and sea salt. 

All the ingredients are organic..

Packed with seeds, inside and out!

The selection of gluten-free breads is impressive. Here are some others.

Their Gluten-Free High Flax Quinoa/Millet Loaf starts with the same whole quinoa and whole millet. They add flaxseed meal that is freshly ground at the bakery just before mixing the dough! Who does that? Flaxseed should always be ground fresh to retain its omega-3 potency and it's great to buy a product from a company that realizes this.

Contains freshly ground flaxseed meal.

One of my personal favorites is the Gluten-Free Dill Baguette. Same wonderful, wholesome whole quinoa and millet ingredients and some dill seeds for flavoring.

I love to serve this warm with soup.

One of Doug's favorites is the Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Quinoa/Millet loaf. Toasted with some vegan cream cheese - it's divine!

Taste great toasted!

They have other selections such as:
Gluten-Free Quinoa/Millet Plain Loaf
Gluten & Grain Free 100% Quinoa Plain Loaf
Gluten & Grain Free 100% Quinoa Loaf with Fennel
and one that makes great sandwiches, the Gluten-Free Sandwich Loaf.

They also have some Gluten-Free cookies in three flavors: Sesame, Coconut Crunch, and Dark Chocolate but I found them to be bit dry. 

Spelt, Rye, and Barley Breads
Grindstone also has a lovely selection of Spelt, Rye and Barley breads (not gluten free) for those of you who enjoy these grains. 

One of their yummiest is the Banana Barley Loaf which is also great toasted with cream cheese.

Banana Barley Loaf

They also make a Wheat Free Rye Bread with Caraway Seeds.

Contains organic whole rye berries, rye
fermentation starter, caraway seeds, and
sea salt. Thats it!

For Spelt Lovers
They also offer a Sprouted Seeds Spelt Loaf, a Hi Flax Spelt Loaf, and a Multigrain Spelt Loaf.

Sprouted Seeds Spelt Loaf

So if you are looking for bread that is made the way nature intended it, get some from Grindstone Bakery!

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