Friday, May 21, 2010

Raw Nutiva Protein Powder - Great For Smoothies!

I like their environmentally friendly packaging option.

A Great Addition for Smoothies
Now that the weather is finally warming up, I start almost every day with a raw smoothie. For me, it becomes a chemistry experiment, adding a little flaxseed oil for omega 3, a little VitaMineral Green, fresh or frozen raw fruits, a handful of greens, some organic hemp or soymilk (or raw nut milk), topping it off with the contents of a calcium/magnesium capsule.

I recently came across an organic, raw protein powder by Nutiva. They have two kinds. One is Hemp Protein with Fiber (with a profile of 37% protein, 43% fiber and 10% healthy fats including omega 3, 6 and 9). The other product is Hemp Protein 50% (with 50% protein, only 20% fiber and 11% fat). I find that by adding a few tablespoons of this protein to a smoothie, I’m pretty satisfied until lunchtime. It also is a perfect thickening agent and makes any smoothie thick and creamy.

Hemp protein contains 66% edestin, a highly digestible bioactive plant protein. It is a “complete” protein and contains all the essential amino acids. This product is also gluten, dairy and lactose free.

You can try adding a few tablespoons to any of my smoothie recipes. If they get too thick, just add some additional cold water. Nutiva also makes their own Hemp Shakes. I prefer to mix up my own since I can control the sugar content, but I've tried theirs and most of them have a pretty low sugar content and are quite delicious. They come in Amazon Acai, Berry Pomegranate and Chocolate.

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